Atty. Hakan İHTİYAR Founding Partner


Atty. Hakan İHTİYAR, who is the founding partner of Alanya Law Office, was born in Alanya. He completed his secondary education at Hasan Çolak Anatolian High Schoo. Then he started Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2015. After having an active education period, he has gained an internship at Onlaw Advocaten, a corporate law firm in the Netherlands, through his success during his college years. In the course of his internship period, he had the chance to see cases related to all areas of law, especially the cases arising from international disputes, Insurance Law, Commercial Law and Compensation Law.

After an effective internship period in the Netherlands, he returned to Ankara and continued his education. Then, in 2018, he succeeded in graduating from Ankara Universitiy Faculty of Law in a short time like 3 years.

He did his legal internship at As Law Firm, a prominent law firm in Ankara. Within the As Law Firm; he has resolved disputes arising from Family Law, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Law, Property Law, Criminal Law and Inheritance Law.